A little bit about me !  I was born and raised in Topeka Kansas, where I spent the first 19 years of my life before moving to Los Angeles.  My passion for photography started around my 8th grade year. I purchased my first 35 mm camera shortly there after and haven't put it away since ! Well, truth be told, have retired that particular model and a few others since !

Gotta keep up with the times !


I took a couple photography courses back in high school, followed up by a couple at Washburn University. After relocating to California my passion for photography never slowed.  Any chance or opportunity I had to get out and shoot and be creative, I was all about ! Didn't really care what I was shooting as long as I was shooting, I was good !

Moved to Las Vegas in 94' and continued shooting as a hobby. Fast forward to 2006, I went to work for an event design company, managing the warehouses. Shortly after my employment with LT I started shooting our event setups.  Around a year after my employment with LT, INFOCUS PHOTOGRAPHY by Eric, was born !!

ABSOLUTE best decision that I've ever made !!

K... second best, to purposing to my wife :)

Right after I started my company, I started fulfilling the needs of some of our clients and shooting their company events and processing prints on site.

2013 I decided to mix it up a little, needed a change of venue and was missing the family, so I decided to hang up my Vegas lifestyle and slooooow it down a little bit !

Moved back home to Topeka, since have been concentrating more on the portrait and family shoots as opposed to the big events that I was doing in Las Vegas .  I really enjoy the smaller shoots do to the fact that it gives me a chance to get to know my clients a little better. It also gives me an opportunity to work and be creative with them ! It's all about telling a story ! Which I love being a part of !                                                                     

"Eric, I want to thank you for

capturing a special moment in my

Senior's Life! Your passion for

photography shines through every

print. You are professional,

affordable and created a 

comfortable atmosphere for us all!

Thanks again and look forward to more



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